Spiritual strongholds are the devil’s camping sites in the human body, mind, and soul. 

Imagine when you step foot into the Catholic Charismatic group! Ideally, you would expect a breakthrough in some of your challenges. What if it does not happen? Would you consider yourself the problem? Ever known spiritual strongholds are likely to revolve around you until you fish them out? 

If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions, re-examining yourself would be of great help.

What have I not done right?

Why is my life getting worse?

Is it worth being charismatic?

Has God forgotten me?

No! Nobody has tied your hands. You are in self-bondage. Do you need freedom?

How to identify the hidden character that drowns you in spiritual strongholds

Sometimes you know pretty well you are in spiritual strongholds. It’s also possible to remain in the dark and cry foul. Before you skive the Catholic church claiming you don’t experience miracles, let’s disintegrate that darkness to get to the core of your spiritual strongholds using examples.

  1. You are not paying tithe.
  2. Forgiveness is a song you sing in your mind, but you do not practice it.
  3. Previous abortions are haunting you.
  4. You live in debt.
  5. Your parents are not happy with you.
  6. You are doing business or living in cursed premises.
  7. Giving to the needy is not part of your life.
  8. Barrenness.
  9. You are married to someone’s husband.
  10. Sexual sins.
  11. You are cohabiting.
  12. Demonic chips inserted into your body.
  13. You have neglected the person who took care of you.
  14. Court cases.
  15. The wedding after-party wrecks your marriage.

Now, let’s elaborate on these examples as you cajole your instincts for the best answer.

Non-Payment of Tithe Locks you in Spiritual Strongholds

Listen to these talks!

Instead of paying tithe, I help a needy person directly!

Why should I pay tithe, yet I don’t earn much?

Should I sleep hungry because I paid tithe?

If the parish priest can account for the tithe, I would be glad to start paying!

I don’t have to pay 10%, for as long as I give something, that’s good enough!

If you are charismatic, and you can still utter these words, allow me to politely say you are a half-baked charismatic. Even if you do everything else right, you will live in spiritual strongholds for as long as your status quo as regards tithe remains the same.

Payment of tithe is a silent commandment that directly falls under the first commandment, “worship no other god but me.” In other words, love God with all your heart, with all your mind, and with all your soul. The priest is God’s representative on earth. The church not only uses the tithe for church needs but also to sustain the priests! You cannot love God without loving His chosen servants on earth!

Come to think of this!

What if everyone declined to pay tithe in the name of helping that needy person? Remember, Jesus reiterated that the needy will always exist, when people thought the lady who poured oil on Jesus wasted it (John 12: 8)! Didn’t Abraham give 10% of his produce as tithe?

Your inner love for God has just not sprouted. Let it out and diligently pay tithe without looking back to avert the bondage that sends you to tears.

Downsides of Unforgiveness

Forgetting is not practical, considering your story could be a life-changing testimony to someone. Forgiving is a requirement bearing in mind you also sin. Bitterness will make you gnash your teeth and pray in vain.

Bondage occurs when your unforgiveness sits right between you and God. It is the mountain that creates spiritual strongholds that won’t let you reach God no matter how much you pray. 

Do you know why bondage is in the mind? Because you don’t know that you can get freedom.

When you claim to have forgiven everyone except one person who hurt you the most, you lose all the graces that await you.

Do you remember the parable of the unforgiving servant (Matthew 18: 21-35)?

The king forgave his servant for an outstanding debt. Contrary to the king’s gesture, the servant did not spare his fellow servant who owed him some pounds. He threw him to jail. When the king learned of it, he also put him in jail. He promised to release him only when he repays the full amount, he had earlier waivered!

Spiritual strongholds

How to identify and get rid of spiritual strongholds

I like the way the whole scripture ends!

Matthew 18: 35; And Jesus concluded, “That is how my father in heaven will treat every one of you unless you forgive your brother from your heart.”

Now you know unforgiveness is one of the devil’s spiritual strongholds. 

The other invisible unforgiveness is when you forgive but keep telling people about it in bitterness. It still puts you at risk of facing the consequences of unforgiveness.

Marks of Previous Abortions

Abortion is killing. Confession may never be enough. Take an extra step and do the opposite of the mistake you made. You killed. Now, support life! You don’t just support life by giving your children the best. Extend your reach to the needy cases. Pay their school fees. Take them to the hospital when the need arises. Clothe them. Give them food; not just according to your ability, but sacrifice.

Abortion is bondage.

Abortion is a bondage you can only reverse through sacrifice.

If God had intended that you suffer the consequences of your sin for ten years, who knows, He might just cut it down! It does not imply God doesn’t forgive immediately. He does. However, He would want you to learn a lesson the hard way to avoid a repeat of the same sin.

In most cases, you may confuse suffering out of the consequences of sin with bondage. But looking at it critically, the results of the abortion build spiritual strongholds in you for a while. 

Remember Nebuchadnezzar ate grass for seven years because of idolatry (Daniel 4:28- 33). Sometimes God allocates a period within which you may have to bear the brunt of your sin.

You’re simply pleading with the Lord to release you from the bondage the abortion has implanted in you. 

Living in Debt

When you borrow to pay off debt and the cycle continues, it’s good to try and find out the underlying cause. You’re most likely caged in spiritual strongholds, not necessarily facilitated by a sin related to finances.

Any recurrent bad habit can tie you to debt.

Living above your means is deadly bondage. You want to eat what you don’t have and wear what you don’t have. Maybe you’re paying your rent with half your salary to fit in a category you don’t belong to yet! It will undoubtedly push you to spend what you haven’t received. How do you do that? By living on loans. Dressing and feeding on borrowed money!

Better accept growth is gradual. Live on the basic needs you can afford. Ideally, you only need to borrow for unavoidable circumstances like illness. 

Why Neglecting Parents is a Block

Neglect does not mean abandonment. Maybe you have a good rapport with your parents, but you aren’t doing some things right! Your parents may not know it but God sees it!

Sometimes you are not sure where to strike the balance between family and friends! You end up becoming a victim of your parent’s unspoken pain.

It does not mean they are always right. God also judges fairly when the parents are too demanding.

These are the questions you need to ask your subconscious mind.

Among your family members and friends, who tops the list of priorities? Who is next? How do the extended family and friends fit in? Imagine a scenario where you have a parent and a friend to bail out at the same time? Who will you save first?

Your choices can silently keep you in spiritual strongholds for neglecting your parents when you don’t even know it!

Your Base (home or business premise) is Unclean

Did you know the house you live, or the premises where you do business can throw you into unexpected spiritual strongholds? You can leave if it’s rented. However, if it’s your home or personal commercial premises, you may have to do some cleansing.

How do you know the devil has trapped you in spiritual strongholds? 

Either the business is not doing well no matter how you try to spice it, or the building does not attract tenants! You never know what the previous owner or whoever sold you the land did on it! 

You might have to offer masses to cleanse the place.

Declining to Sacrifice

Picture this! You have all the comfort you need in terms of finances. Other calamities like health issues may, however, take a heavy toll on your life.

What if you changed your perception and began to help your needy nephew, neighbor, or that orphan who has nobody to educate him?

A little gesture to save someone’s future could turnaround your failing health!

Selfishness is one of the spiritual strongholds that block the manifestation of God’s promises.

Remember God said everything we have belongs to the needy.

Spiritual Strongholds make you Barren

Some people have no children because of the path they have chosen in life. A good example is the priests and nuns. Others cannot stop yearning to hold their babies in vain.

Let me use an example to explain this!

There is this lady who refused to support her siblings, yet her single mother was unable. One time she told her mother they aren’t her kids. Her mom replied, “you don’t know the pain of not having children.”

It did not look serious until she struggled to get pregnant. Little did she know her words invited spiritual strongholds she had no idea existed. Cheap talk has always been costly in all relationships. You can pick a good lesson from this article that broke a marriage through invisible tongue utterances. 

Thanks to the priest who helped her discover her source of misery. She finally got children after an intense deliverance.

Married to someone’s Husband

It always looks good until it gets rotten. Divorce and separation are words of the world. Heaven does not accommodate them.

If someone divorced his wife and you got married to him, you have just invited spiritual strongholds that are yet to show up. His wife’s tears cannot give you space to live comfortably.

You may have all you need in this world, but miss all that heaven has to offer. You abetted a spiritual crime. God put two together, and you put them asunder.

How then would you say you are with God?

God only allows a widow to re-marry.

Spiritual Strongholds due to Sexual Sins

Every Catholic understands the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. I don’t know whether it stopped acting as a warning and became a novel that we read and pile on our shelves!

Sexual sin is the worst bondage since it involves soul ties. Imagine having sex with twenty people! Truth is, you collect bits of infirmities from each of them.

The sin of lust replicates in your life day in, day out, and begins to control your mind. Sadly, it can take you to the grave.

When God gave man authority over everything on earth, He gave you the power over yourself. If you get overwhelmed by lust, you have transferred that power to the evil spirit. You can say no to anyone who tries to lure you for as long as what they want you to do is wrong.

The Assumption of Cohabitation to be Marriage

Marriage is a sacrament. It is sacred. Without a wedding, it is not quite different from fornication! It is a sexual sin that makes you vulnerable to the devil’s trials. Satan does not always boomerang with his spiritual strongholds. Sometimes, he lets them grown in silence and exposes them when he knows it will be too difficult for you to reverse the situation.

If you happen to be in such a relationship, it’s safer to mend it at your soonest.

Right now, you may not see the difference between your marriage and a sacramental marriage. Once you have wedded, you will notice numerous changes.

You will enjoy more peace and understanding. Problem-solving will become much easier. Your love will bubble up and improve your sex life.

Neglecting your Guardian

Did you know your guardian takes the exact position your parents would in your life? You cannot afford to ignore or abuse the person who made you what you are today.

If you happened to live under adoption, look back. What if nobody bothered to support you? Would you be where you are now?

Parental bondage spreads its wings to anyone who took the position of a parent. Whether it was a step-mother, uncle, aunt, grandparent, neighbor, or stranger, they deserve your respect. You are obliged to extend help to them in case of a need.

Court Cases Block the Future

Avoidable court cases are issues that can mask your progress. They fight your spirit and put you in a state of permanent bitterness.

Take the examples of land squabbles or debt owed!

They divide families. Unwaivered debt blocks God’s replacement of the loss. When you let go, a better channel of funds finds its way into your life.

Court cases are spiritual strongholds that consume your time since they make you appear as if you are fighting for yourself. I mean God is not with you in it! Court cases exhaust you financially, mentally, emotionally, and physically. 

Take a look at this Bible verse!

1 Corinthians 6: 2; Don’t you know that God’s people will judge the world? Well, then, if you are to judge the world, aren’t you capable of judging small matters?

The verse looks sarcastic as to suggest you have taken God’s position.

Better rethink your court cases. The power to withdraw the cases is in your hands.

Wedding Parties get Sour

You can be cornered at a bridal shower. Most of the time, friends plan for the party without the bride’s consent. If you ever had a bridal shower, what did you do there?

In the pretext of gifting you before your wedding day, friends might have lured you into taking part in activities that opened a door for spiritual strongholds!

Initially, brides got advice and gifts from aunts and friends during bridal showers. Unfortunately, though not in all cases, bridal showers have become dens of sin.

Take a genuine confession if you feel something went amiss in your bridal shower. Spice it up with some fasting to completely absolve yourself from the said sin.

Maybe the repercussions have already manifested in your marriage.  You have the authority to reverse the situation.

Demonic Chip Inserts

Your body is the temple of the Lord. Chips are not a new-age thing. Even in the olden days, they existed though in an ancient format.

In some communities, idolatry involved making cuts on the body and applying stuff only the executor understood. It mixed with the blood in the name of protection from evil attackers.

Dark world practices cannot give God a chance in such a person. He is light and does not mix with darkness unless you get rid of the spiritual strongholds.

Tattoos are the modern form of this ancient practice. Unfortunately, tattooing has become more like writing a project. Children born these days find it normal since many people they meet have it. But what does the inner voice speak concerning tattoos?

You need to get delivered for God to break those ungodly ties.


Rigidity to change is a sign that the spiritual strongholds are in control. Do not wait until the evil spirit outweighs your God-given power to move mountains. When you release yourself from the devil’s traps, you will undoubtedly stop asking yourself a myriad of questions.  

Remember Jesus said some spiritual strongholds can only be broken through prayer and fasting. He used the term “evil spirits.” Never welcome feelings of avoiding fasting. It is the jackpot you need to hit to finally detach yourself from the spiritual strongholds. 

Which other types of bondage have I left out? Would you mind sharing in the comments? 


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