Cult churches are up for the destruction of souls teaching falsehood and using scripture. 

Imagine yourself walking along a path with dim lights. You can best see the people in front. To know who is on your side, you have to turn your head. If you want to see who is following you, you need to turn your whole body.

The new age cult churches require you to know how to defend yourself, and when to do it. 

What if any of these people attacked you? It would be easier for you to defend yourself from the front. You’d need some effort to strategize against the enemy on your sides. The enemy from behind can easily tread on you.

You are safer when you know the enemy’s hiding places.

The cult churches have become more of a secret affair within the church as a whole. They no longer face you head-on.

Why you need to know the secrets of the occult

How to deal with cult churches in the neighborhood

The neighborhood is cult-infested. Workplaces and families cannot be left out either. In every place you go, you’re likely to encounter cult churches within souls even away from the church premises.

People carry around the Holy Spirit. Likewise, some people move around with the evil spirit either knowingly or unknowingly.

I believe you understand the Ten Commandments. The evil one knows you have inscribed them in your system. Don’t always expect him to use any of them to sway you. After all, you’ll be doing what you are sure is wrong. You’re likely to resist, and he knows it.

Without knowing the devil’s new norm, you might burn your fingers. Even if you discover the truth, later on, the scars will remain.

Why Talk About Cult Churches in a Catholic Blog?

At least I know a few Catholics who go to other places in search of breakthroughs. In one specific case, the lady proudly demonstrated how the “priest” ensures the enemy dies. Mark you, she wasn’t talking about a Catholic church.

On another occasion, a priest announced during Sunday mass that whoever wrote a check to a certain church and erroneously put it in the tithe box should collect it from the office.

Catholics get curious sometimes to know what happens on the other side. Before you get tempted to step into another church, you need to have some facts.

How cult churches find their way into the catholic church

How cult churches find their way into the catholic church

Innocent people still think that members of cult churches face people directly to win more members. About two decades ago, cult churches lured new members with promises of getting rich. Anyone who fell for their trap knew what to expect. I guess it still works.

Unfortunately for them, cult churches may no longer attract staunch Catholics using this method. The industry devised other ways of using the Bible to get members.


Women are the easiest prey. Ladies tend to trust faster than men. Unlike men, ladies carry their families in their minds wherever they go. 

The evil one now goes after the anointed. People who will hesitate to say no to their advances are now their target. So, they have to present themselves as God’s agents. Before they attract you with what they call facts from the Bible, take note of these tactics.

16 Factors to look out for in Cult Churches

Telling you to pray the rosary, religiously attend mass, confess your sins, marry in the church, and attend Eucharistic Adoration weekly without showing you how the enemy attacks, is equivalent to not discussing sex matters with your teenager and expecting her to be safe.

Don’t expect all these strategies in one cult. The preachers use a combination of what suits them best. Whether you go to their cult churches or not, the members extend the preaching in our daily interactions. Sadly, some of their followers are innocent.

1. Cult Churches Preach Prosperity most of the time.

Perseverance is hardly mentioned in these churches. They don’t embrace the unjust suffering that staunch Catholics religiously walk Jesus through every Lenten season. True Christianity entails painful trials that are characterized by indefinite waiting moments. Get the facts from these Bible verses.

Romans 5: 3-5; And not only that, but we also find glory in tribulation, knowing that tribulation exercises patience and patience leads to proving, yet truly proving leads to hope, but hope is not unfounded, because the love of God is poured forth in our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us.

James 1: 2-4; My brothers, when you have fallen into various trials, consider everything a joy, knowing that the proving of your faith exercises patience and patience brings a work to perfection, so that you may be perfect and whole, deficient in nothing.

Anyone who evades suffering in their sermons qualifies to be a false preacher.

2. Cult Churches misinterpret the fact that Jesus died once for all our sins.

According to them, the consequences of sin should not exist. Hell does not exist. Everyone who has faith goes to heaven after death because Jesus already died for us. So, did God lie in this scripture?

Matthew 25: 41; Then he shall also say, to those who will be on his left,” depart from me you accursed ones, into the eternal fire, which was prepared for the devil and his angels.”

3. Some things suddenly become easy in your life.

You experience miraculous breakthroughs without intense prayer and much struggle. This happens after adhering to some of the preacher’s instructions, most of which involve rituals. An example is when someone purported to be your enemy dies for you to prosper.

4. Cult Churches become fun and you want to spend all your time there.

Once you have gotten your wants, you’ll consider it a place to go all the time. Remember some wants are not needs. God only gives what we need according to His judgment.

What you need to look out for in a cult

Be careful when you quit to live your life and begin to live the pastor’s life.

Take note that the church will never be as enjoyable as secular places. You naturally sometimes feel a resistance force towards the church. When you stop caring about family, work, and your general life to go to that particular church, there is something wrong.

5. You experience sudden, excessive, or prolonged nose-bleeding.

Such cult churches have their sacrament and blood of Jesus in form of biscuits. That’s just an example. By the time you take their sacrament, you are so convinced you are in the right place. The leaders pray intensely and quote other encouraging and factual Bible verses in their sermons to blind you. They also take red wine in place of the blood of Jesus. Considering it’s red, you wouldn’t know what else is in the mixture. The youth are the most affected as their minds are still young to comprehend until it’s too late.

6. False speaking in tongues.

Speaking in tongues happens naturally through the power of the Holy Spirit. If anyone tells you he’ll teach you to speak in tongues, take off. You will be praising the devil in words you do not understand. Only the pastor and his agents know the meaning of those words. 

7. Healings without teachings.

What’s the point of praying for you to heal if they cannot teach you how to stay away from sin? Many ailments result from sin. You can walk out of the church and commit the same sin immediately. It is a strategy to make you their customer. You’ll confidently direct everyone to that church where you got healed after a decade of suffering. They need more clients because they are in business. You will become subject to the church and believe nothing good can happen in your life without that cult.

8. Advice against medication.

God created doctors and blessed them with the knowledge to treat sick people. How would he want to declare them redundant when He even gave us medicine?

Sirach 38: 1-4; Honor the physician because of necessity, and because the Most High created him. For all healing is from God, and so he (the physician) will receive gifts from the King. The expertise of the physician will lift up His (God) head, and in the sight of great men, He will be praised. The Most High has created medicines from the earth, and a prudent man will not abhor them.

Some cult churches will convince you to stop taking your medicine so that the devil’s plan takes effect. They are good at altering the Lord’s plans.

9. Bright star language.

Cult churches will increase your hopes of getting rich to an abnormal level. Maybe in a year, you’ll be ten times richer than you are today! So far, only God knows that! Whoever tells you your future is tricking you into clinging to him and his cult. Meanwhile, he knows what he is doing in the background to confuse you further. God does not approve of such preaching. See what God has to say in these Bible verses.

Acts 20: 30; The time will come when some men from your group will tell lies to lead the believers away after them.

Deuteronomy 18: 10-13; Do not let there be found among you one who would purify his son or daughter by leading them through the fire, nor one who consults seers, nor one who observes dreams or omens. Do not let there be found among you one who practices the occult, nor one who uses spells, nor one who consults demonic spirits, nor a diviner, nor one who seeks the truth from the dead. For the Lord abominates all these things. And, because of these wicked ways, he will destroy them at your arrival.

A true chosen servant of the Lord does not engage in any of the forbidden activities in the above scripture.

10. In some cult churches, someone has to die for you to succeed.

They’ll tell you Jesus also died for us to succeed. What success did the death of Jesus unveil? The power to conquer the devil; period! Nobody has permission to use whatever means to kill someone to benefit another. It will not happen physically. They know best what they do. If you agree with this, you subject yourself to many more sins that keep giving space to the devil in your soul.

When a thief enters your compound at night, getting him out before he causes more damage is easier. You can raise your alarm, or scream to attract neighbors, and he will go.

If you notice the thief when he’s already in your bedroom, you won’t save yourself. He will harm you.

If someone has to die for you to gain, the devil is right in your bedroom. You’re guilty of suspicion, unforgiveness, rejoicing over his downfall, murder, anger, and revenge.

Look at that!

While you’ll be busy fasting, praying, and reading the Bible, the devil will be comfortably snoring in you. He wastes your prayers as you waste away.

11. They tell you about teleporting.

No human being can find himself in a different place miraculously. If ever it happens, the cult churches have captured you. Nowadays, they have gone a notch higher. They have a fake rosary. Once they give it to you, you find yourself in weird places and you never know how you got there.

12. They don’t believe generational curses exist.

The Old Testament is a no-go zone for them. You will continue suffering especially from ailments or sins related to your parents and grandparents. You’ll not see the need to take up any action to end the family menace. It becomes a norm and places you in a comfort zone. You will never believe that God can heal cancer, or end lustfulness. The cult churches want the disease or bad habit to grind you to your last breath. Meanwhile, they blind you with miracles from dubious sources. 

13. They tie big promises to their preaching.

The most advanced level is the prayer chains that do rounds online. You will find over 3000 likes and comments tied to such promises. Surprisingly, true gospel attracts very few likes with one, or two comments. Avoid any prayer with promises tied to it. Better still, just read and don’t circulate them. You never know the source!

14. They strive to make you lukewarm to the Catholic church.

If you’ve ever heard someone say “we all pray to the same God,” that’s it. We indeed pray to the same God. Our methods of reaching God differ. The Catholic Bible has books that the ordinary Bible doesn’t have. Coupled with the Catechism of the Catholic Church, everything that is done in the Catholic church is valid in the Lord’s eyes.

The cost that comes with cultism

But because you are lukewarm, neither hot nor cold, I am going to spit you out of my mouth!

They will convince you praying the rosary makes no sense. According to them, the Catholic church is only trying to make its worshippers subject to it. Don’t fall for such deception. Mary the mother of Jesus is the sure path you can use to get to Jesus. At times you may not need someone to hold your hand. Other times, you are too weak to walk alone. 

15. The Spirit flashes from your toes upwards.

If you’ve ever felt the power of the Holy Spirit in you during prayer, you know what I mean. You feel some cold chills from your head downwards. When the spirit flashes from your toes upwards, run for your dear life. They have nabbed you, but it’s never too late. That is an evil spirit. 

16. They encourage you to refer to God as “The God of ‘his name.’

Nobody on this earth qualifies to attract such references. Not even the pope despite the fact that he represents God on earth! Even that child you trust the most is not yet a saint until proven. The proof only happens after physical death. Sometimes the character people present is usually the opposite of what they are. You never know what that person who convinces you to refer to him a such does away from you.

You’d rather refer to God as the God of Saint Monica (saint of your choice), depending on what you’re crying out to the Lord for, at that particular prayer session. In which case, you’re trying to ask God to come through for you the way He did for that saint!


Catholics who have gone to such places are busy luring others to those get-rich-quick death traps. Stay awake and know that the cult churches have followers right inside the Catholic church probably the person seated next to you or your best friend.

Any child who skips a development stage in life cannot be normal. If you become rich by avoiding the unjust suffering God planned to shape you, you’ll not value the Lord.

And what’s the result? You’ll suffer the consequences either directly or through your child.


It is upon you to decide whether you’d like to step foot in other churches or not. As your family’s homemaker, it’s good to be keen on your husband and children. If you notice any behavioral change, take the necessary action. Remember the cult churches are all around you harbored in the people you dine with. Even young children download games that lead them to the cult!

Additionally, stick to the catholic church. What you could be searching for in other churches is readily available in the Catholic church. You only need to religiously follow the doctrines and blend the catechism with the Bible. Cult churches are constantly devising ways of luring more unsuspecting Christians.

If you know of any cult churches traps, kindly let me know through the comments if you don’t mind me adding them to the list. You could also save someone.  


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