The Power of Retreats

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A happy life is the target of every person. However, challenges reverse expectations and we sometimes find ourselves disoriented. Do you feel rejected? Could you be losing hope? Do you understand the origin of your troubles? Are you making headway in your quest to solve your problems? Does it take you too long to make just a simple move compared to others? In “The Power of Retreats,” you get to grasp the rectification methods and how to avoid falling back. Through the true stories and testimonies in this book, you will find out:-

  • How to identify the cause of your predicaments.
  • Why many people are living in slavery?
  • How to tackle your setbacks.
  • How to gain stability in your life.

If you are not sure of the most important things to do to shape your life, find them in this book.

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1 review for The Power of Retreats

  1. Ashley

    The truth has always been bitter but it is only the truth that can set me free, then I’d better learn to accept the reality. The repercussions of my past are only a stepping stone to my future if only I open my ears wide and accept corrections. I love the way retreats transformed you into a much better person. I am going through one of the roughest times in my life and I like the way this book consoles me. It shows me that there is no dead-end unless God Himself puts a stopper. I’m surely going to take this seriously. My life is in my hands as you put it, so I either discard it or make a way for a better tomorrow. That is a hard fact I am beginning to learn to cultivate. I generally felt better and accepted after reading this book and would wish to contact you privately in case I need to. Anyone who does not really understand what is happening in his life can find quite some solutions here. Thank you for pouring your heart out.

    • Judith Okech

      You are most welcome any time to contact me via the connect page then we can pick it up from there. I am here to uplift you.

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