How to Apply the Gospel of Matthew in Life

The gospel of Matthew is the life of Jesus from birth to death. Likewise, it depicts our lives from the beginning to the end. Living life and understanding how to live life are, however, two distinct factors of a human being.

How to Apply the Gospel of Matthew in Life” therefore makes it much easier to incorporate the teachings in our day to day activities. It will help you increase your conviction to love and serve the Lord. Understanding the whole gospel will bring out your charism and help you utilize it.

If these factors describe you, then you are the right candidate for this book.

Are you wondering why I decided to elaborate on the gospel of Matthew?

People read books more than they read the Bible. You can read a book for four consecutive hours but find it too difficult to read one book in the Bible at one sitting. It makes the information you get scanty.  Your likelihood to forget becomes higher. You undoubtedly cannot apply something you have forgotten to your life.

Reading this book will break even and make it easier for you to understand the Bible at large. You will also enjoy the Bible stories that you previously could not read. Once you get glued to a Bible story, you will ensure you read it to the end.

This book is, therefore, the gospel of Matthew used as a foundation for a new beginning. A copy of this book will take you back to the Bible. When you have the Bible at your fingertips, you have conquered the enemy.

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