The Rise & Fall of Infidelity

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Infidelity has replaced cheers with tears in marriages that were so promising. Marriage has lost its luster; trust has dwindled, and fear has robbed once-enthusiastic homemakers of their happiness. Memories of their wedding days send regrets instead of a desire for repeat episodes to their minds.

“The Rise and Fall of Infidelity” gives a broader view of betrayal in marriage and goes ahead to table ways of curbing this menace. You will find among others:-

  • How to discover the unrecognizable loopholes that flare up infidelity.
  • The clean-up process of the roots of betrayal.
  • Victims success stories.

It may look difficult to convert your tears of pain to tears of joy but by the time you’re through reading this book, you’ll walk through it with ease.

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1 review for The Rise & Fall of Infidelity

  1. Ashley

    I am at it again. I honestly feel like you are speaking to me directly. It’s as if you can see through me. Looks like you know exactly what I have been through. You have somehow hit the nail on the head. There is so much sense in your book that I feel I need to rewind my life up to a certain point and begin all over again. It is not possible though but I have already highlighted key areas that I can possibly handle. You have changed my perspective of looking at things. I don’t think there is anyone who can read this book and walk away empty. It’s a good manuscript for everyone who wants to enjoy some contentment in her life.

    • Judith Okech

      I am so glad to hear that you are getting something helpful from my writing. As always, feel free to contact me privately in case you need any clarification on the content of the book. Best of luck as you check out the key areas that you noted. I hope to hear your testimony thereafter.

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