Polygamy Escapades – the Aftermath Effects of the Missing Links in Childhood

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Polygamy is a normal phenomenon in society. Judith Okech, however, flips the pages of the little-understood polygamy to broaden your perspective of it. Three decades down the line, she gets answers to her childhood experiences. Apart from sobering you out of your bad experiences as a child, she balances your present life and leads you into a future without regrets. Her true story is not just a one-off read but a good collection for future reference as you guide your loved ones. 


Have you ever been a victim of circumstances that you cannot detach yourself from? The intriguing story of once a child, now an adult, but somehow glued to her roots of polygamy despite the numerous efforts to break even leads Judith Okech to share her story.

When polygamy knocked at her mother’s door

A promising marriage that began on a high note, between her young enthusiastic father and her vibrant mother soon plunged into the sticky mud. The five years were bright with investments that most couples get to see after a decade. Unfortunately, the turbulent wave paralyzed the whole plan. Her mother and her children simmered through the dark clouds with zeal and painfully raised the flag high in celebration.

You don’t want to be a victim of circumstances, neither are you ready to be the wind that blows off the well-plated future of two lovebirds! It’s your turn to take the calculated steps to break even. Would you like to wear the crown of a woman of substance or a man of high integrity? 

Do you want to understand the different lines of thought?

Do you think it is fun to be in love with more than one woman? 

Have you ever had an interest in polygamy?  

The inside flips

In Polygamy Escapades, Judith Okech talks about polygamy from a child’s point of view based on her upbringing. She makes clear the take-home of all the characters involved. Her true story will open the main door, and let you into the depth of polygamy. You will find answers to your numerous questions in this book.

If you are interested in polygamy, dating a married man, or looking forward to such a relationship, this book will help you make an informed decision. This book is a must-have for any caring parent with grown-up children.

Marriage is a permanent institution that requires the implementation of lasting ideologies. How else can you avoid a foreseen problem if you do not understand the whole process that can put you there?

Learning from Judith’s testimony will move you from a 50% YES and a 50% NO to a close to 100% NO. Don’t you love yourself? What about your children? “Polygamy Escapades” is a worthy consultant for you. 

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2 reviews for Polygamy Escapades – the Aftermath Effects of the Missing Links in Childhood

  1. Judith Okech

    Hey Messie. Good to know you found the book worthy. Thanks for coming back to review the book.

  2. Messie Greg

    My tears roll down for people who have gone through or are living under such conditions. Hat’s down for all men who value monogamy. This book is ideal for anyone whose mind rolls around marriage.

  3. Judith Okech

    I am happy you found the book helpful. Nice to hear from you. You are still free to find me through any other means as indicated in the site, in case you need to.

  4. Megg Tail

    This book has a lot of good news despite the pain in it. Your story is so touching. I have learned a lot and I will surely be sharing this with my peers. I am sure it will help them too.

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