Secrets to Matrimonial Bliss

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The statistical rise in broken marriages sends Judith Okech into deep thoughts. As an experienced sufferer of her parent’s failed marriage, she rolls down her sleeves and sinks into a research journey. She endures the cold reception and jeery look on some faces as she shakes off and courageously approaches the next victim. Combining the marriage, social life, and economic ability in one pot, she unleashes the tactics behind a successful marriage.


A successful Christian marriage does not begin on the day you move in with your partner or on your wedding day. It starts way before then. It is a planted seed, weeded crop, and watered to harvest from it eventually.

It is one thing to meet a good spouse, and another to maintain his status.

Many are the times we fail in maintenance then cry foul when rosy changes to rocky. Other times we get into the marriage with imaginary expectations and sulk when the contrary happens. On some occasions, we start the union on a wrong note which leads to failure.

In this book, Judith Okech breaks the ice bit by bit to aid in understanding the pros and cons and give way to a successful Christian marriage. Spouses have had to persevere in unworkable marriages with a lot of emotional pain. 

Others moved from the frying pan to fire when they stepped out into the most open zone which was either single parenting or another relationship. Regrets have often followed such decisions with a “too late” tag well displayed on their foreheads.

Are you on the lookout for a successful Christian marriage

I am here to tell you that marriage works.

If you are genuinely for your affair, a copy of this book will modify your perspective of marriage. The application of the instructions will surely send you smiling at your home daily. You will love your spouse more, both during good and bad times. Nothing and nobody will ever gain access to your union again.

“What God has put together, no man shall put asunder,” will become a reality.

Finally, reviews are the postmasters that deliver mail to the doorsteps of those who need it most. Would you mind reviewing this book for the benefit of all those who are craving for a successful Christian marriage?

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2 reviews for Secrets to Matrimonial Bliss

  1. Judith Okech

    Hello Megg. I can see you’re talking from experience. I’m grateful for your supportive sentiments.

  2. Megg Tail

    This is my summation after reading this book. Marriage is tough because we make it appear so. If only we could apply the points in this book, marriage is indeed workable. I am a widow but I can recommend this book to anyone who is interested in a good marriage. It is not easy living alone.

  3. Judith Okech

    Thanks, Brenda for your helpful review. I believe someone else will have an opportunity to benefit from this book courtesy of your review. Do not hesitate to contact me privately in case you need to. You can also engage with other fans in our boardroom.

  4. Brenda

    What a comprehensive view of marriage at large. I have been wondering why some marriages end within just a few years and can’t imagine it happen to me. My wedding plans are underway and I have been reading anything marriage matters of late. I bought this book and for sure, it has made me understand marriage wholesomely. You brought out parenting in a away I have never thought. My focus on stabilizing the family’s finances has shifted gear at least for now because I have learned the pros and cons of putting money first. The bridal showers killed it for me and I would recommend this book to anyone who intends to succeed in marriage.

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