Secrets to Matrimonial Bliss

A successful Christian marriage does not begin on the day you move in with your partner or on your wedding day. It starts way before then. It is a planted seed, weeded crop, and watered to harvest from it eventually.

It is one thing to meet a good spouse, and another to maintain his status.

Many are the times we fail in maintenance then cry foul when rosy changes to rocky. Other times we get into the marriage with imaginary expectations and sulk when the contrary happens. On some occasions, we start the union on a wrong note which leads to failure.

In this book, Judith Okech breaks the ice bit by bit to aid in understanding the pros and cons and give way to a successful Christian marriage. Spouses have had to persevere in unworkable marriages with a lot of emotional pain. 

Others moved from the frying pan to fire when they stepped out into the most open zone which was either single parenting or another relationship. Regrets have often followed such decisions with a “too late” tag well displayed on their foreheads.

Are you on the lookout for a successful Christian marriage

I am here to tell you that marriage works.

If you are genuinely for your affair, a copy of this book will modify your perspective of marriage. The application of the instructions will surely send you smiling at your home daily. You will love your spouse more, both during good and bad times. Nothing and nobody will ever gain access to your union again.

“What God has put together, no man shall put asunder,” will become a reality.

Finally, reviews are the postmasters that deliver mail to the doorsteps of those who need it most. Would you mind reviewing this book for the benefit of all those who are craving for a successful Christian marriage?

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