I’m Judith Okech, wife and mother of two. “Catholic for life” is my other tag, not because the church is coercing me into its doctrines but because I understand my faith to the core.  I,m the writer here at “Catholic Wife and Mother.” Writing about healthy soul ties is my greatest passion. My inspiration came from personal experiences when I realized the other side of the coin is too costly.

I’m a trained and consecrated member of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement; the epitome of a Catholic’s life. 

When I take a break off writing, I run around organizing my other businesses. The usual women stuff at home fills up the extra time.

I look forward to helping you cut links with unhealthy soul ties. God has done it for me. He can save you too.

I’m always available on these email addresses judith@healthysoulties.com or info@healthysoulties.com.

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