Understanding Catholic marriage is a thorny concern for the majority of people. I have created this page to give you different options within the same visit to ease your reach to your choice of books.

Anyone would wonder why I have included My Amazon Page on my website with similar products in my store and the same pricing! It may look absurd, ignorant, or repetition but my gut feeling tells me it is one of the best things I have done to my readers. It looks like I have put Amazon at the forefront, but critically thinking, we all benefit. After all, you can get paperback options at Amazon. 

Why this page?

Life has always been a give and take. Your comfort in any of my stores remains my priority.

Any online seller like other traders wants to maximize profits. Amazon charges a percentage fee at every purchase. Amazon has given us a platform to showcase our products and must, therefore, make profits! That is an extra cost besides all the other charges billed at every purchase on my website.

I prefer that you purchase from my website. However, I have to admit that Amazon has captured a worldwide name, unlike individual websites. In that regard, by giving you an additional option to purchase from Amazon, I am simply spreading out my wings in the long-term. From here you can easily gain access to my Amazon author page if that is the shopping platform you prefer.


Catholic marriages have occupied 70% of my mentorship programs and I would love you to hastily reach your choice of purchase platform. There is also no harm in purchasing from Smashwords.

If you are unable to go through, buying from my website, for reasons we may not be able to control, just switch to Amazon or Smashwords and buy the same book at the same cost. Either way, you still have a chance to privately reach me through the connect page on this site in case of a need or mingle with other team members in our boardroom.

Finally, please find some time, come back, and leave a review wherever you decide to purchase from. If you are unable to review the books on Amazon or Smashwords, please come and leave your review here.

It will be of great help to me, you, and prospective “Catholic marriage” couples. In a way, you will have taken part in spreading the word of God. Kindly spare a few seconds to rate the books too.

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