Do you want your Christian marriage to succeed?

Christian marriage is the tea and bread on this website. For you to get to this site, you must be looking for something related to Christian marriage.  


  • You want to get married soon and would like to avoid mistakes as much as possible.
  • You’re experiencing challenges that you are unable to resolve in your marriage.
  • Divorce or separation have never been your options, but they seem to be knocking at your door.
  • You are planning to reunite with your spouse.
  • Life has not become better even after reunion with your life partner.
  • Crosswinds have rocked your child’s marriage.
  • You have old enough children who desire marriage, but nothing is forthcoming.

All these do not matter anymore. I have mentored marriage partners for close to six years now, and the fruits of our labor are evident. Your case will also turn around for the better if you trust that we can work at it together.

I was once confused too

Everyone wonders if I woke up one morning and began to mentor.


Christian marriage is perceived to be as easy as cooking. I agree that it is possible, but with hard work, otherwise, it can be as hard as a rock.

The moment I discovered the nitty-gritty that can build a mountain in marriage, I got relief. People who were able to see that reprieve began to approach me with questions. Their feedback brought out the other side of me – mentorship, and that is why I am here.

I have confidence that with proper implementation of the content herein, you will go a long way in shaping your Christian marriage into what you expect of it.

My goals for your successful Christian marriage

  • To reinstate your affection for one another.
  • Cultivate a doable culture of dealing with challenges.
  • Live till death do you part according to your promise.
  • Bring up, responsible upright children.

As long as you are open to learning, I will take part in getting you on your feet until such a time that you can stand on your own.  

How you will work on your Christian marriage

Marriage is an investment where your generations benefit even in case of your absence. These long-term strategies will help you achieve your desired goals.

  • Practice everything you learn in my articles and books.
  • Participate in the boardroom to get to know what happens under the other roof and take note of important points. https://healthysoulties.com/failed-marriages/
  • Share your experiences in the boardroom to encourage members. The hand that gives is the one that gets.

If you’re interested in succeeding, I’ll help answer all the questions you may pose regarding the content on this website. Your commitment is the gate that will help you unlock the goodness that comes with a Christian marriage.



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