Christian marriages are the foundation of the overall health of a Christian. You want to know a little more about your fiancée before you commit yourself to his marriage proposal. I believe you expect the same at Healthy Soul Ties.

I am Judith Okech and I am passionate about living a healthy life that cuts across the board; spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. I have taken bold steps to attain this status. It inspires me to keep writing to reach out to needy cases around the world.  

I am a Christian whose content springs out not from a lecture hall point of view but from research-based life experiences. Healthy Soul Ties touches on pertinent topics that adversely affect human life; successful Christian marriages topping the list.

Unfortunately, many life challenges are often shunned for fear of misinterpretation or shame. I have weighed options between saying it as it is and having reservations. To do you justice, I choose to use Healthy Soul Ties as an avenue to engage you for a better tomorrow.

Thirsty Christians quench their thirst at Healthy Soul Ties

Virtually, the internet is a one-stop-shop with solutions to almost every human need. Healthy Soul Ties grabs its online share by displaying Jesus Christ in all dimensions pegging marriage as a key factor in all life’s aspects.

I thought I understood the merger between human life and Jesus until I wrapped up my ignorance and began afresh. Get to understand the purpose of Healthy Soul Ties better as you take a tour through the rest of the website. You can also subscribe to my mailing list to keep yourself in check of any new updates. You are also free to privately connect with me here:- https://healthysoulties.com/separation-and-divorce/ or become one of our team members in our boardroom here.


Welcome! I am Judith and I have flooded my entire website with the benefits of Christian living. Healthy Soul Ties is a virtual home and school for the soul-searching where our board room is filled with Jesus’ talks founded on beautiful experiences and testimonies. You will find content that touches on every human challenge with emphasis on successful Christian marriages; leaving no stone unturned.