Why you need to Think Twice before you take Photos

Go to a mall or visit a phone vendor. Cool phone cameras are some of the specifications everyone runs after. We want to be on toes with the latest updates. A multipurpose portable gadget also quickens communication and jobs in this speedy world.

We can convert them to offices anytime, anywhere. They have earned us money.

Cool phone cameras have lightened up fading faces. They have also worsened broken cases. We have to tread carefully, lest we find our weird photos and videos on social media.

Sometimes it’s our fault. Other times someone we do not know needs to carry the blame. But do they know the harm they have caused? I wouldn’t like you to be that person.

Cool Phone Cameras and Accidents

In good faith, we draw our phones from our pockets to capture the images from an accident. Next, we flood social media with the same pictures. The victim’s relatives must get the information as soon as possible. A polite message accompanies the photos.

The Downsides of Cool Phone Cameras

Why you need to choose the photos you take with your phone camera

The speed at which the message gets shared! I don’t have to explain.

If you have ever lost a family member or a friend through a road accident, you have an idea of what it feels in this century.    

It looks more of a concern to take a photo of the accident. But have you ever imagined what happens to the person’s relatives when social media becomes the first place they learn of the accident?

Lunch Date Maligned

We are surfing the internet as we catch up on the latest. I haven’t seen Emma for six months. Our lunch order is almost ready.

What’s this? Emma sighs!

Is anything the matter?

I have to leave, says Emma.

Emma looks confused. I’m skeptical. Can she drive safely?

As Emma pulls her chair back, I insist she cannot go without giving me a reason. She drops on her seat, lays her head on the table, and begins to sob.

My husband must be involved in an accident. I’ve just seen his wretched car on Facebook. I’m not so sure if he has survived.

Can we call him?

Emma is scared. She does not want to confirm her fears. I calm her as we check on the post again. It’s been two hours. Nobody has called Emma.

How cool phone cameras can send more people to the hospital

How cool phone cameras can send more people to the hospital

As I dial my phone to call on her behalf, she receives an anonymous call. Emma’s husband is in the hospital.

A Good Samaritan rushed him to the nearest hospital. He has bruises and is waiting for a thorough checkup. His phone must have dropped in the process.

At least Emma has some hope now. We cancel the lunch and reach out.

Cool Phone Cameras have not only damaged Emma

Cool phone cameras have made and broken many relationships.  The accident victim, and the one who suffers the repercussions of the shock!

Either way, we will know what’s cooking. The medium of transmission can make or break.

Wouldn’t it be better to draw our phones and call emergency hotlines instead? Can’t we let protocol take its course? We never know how the same pain would weigh us down. 

What are the shocking experiences cool phone cameras have caused you? Have you innocently taken part in such tragic pain? Please share your views in the comments. If you found this helpful, let your friends know too. 


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