Proven Permanent Remedy for Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety are both associated with stress.

Depression lowers the human zeal to perform tasks, to below average. It is normal to wake up feeling low. However, if it goes beyond a day or so, it is classified as depression.

Anxiety lifts the spirits to excessive heights. Expectations do not match the reality on the ground.

In both cases, an alteration has taken place in the mind.

What to do when you have Depression or Anxiety Symptoms

Consulting a doctor is an option you cannot afford to ignore.

A psychologist will talk you through to help you know what exactly is happening. The first psychologist, though not trained, is the closest person to you. A parent or sibling could do.

Why are they important?

Your mind is not static. Or let me say, you are not the person you should be. Someone who loves you and cares needs to help you think. If you fail to take this step, your health is likely to deteriorate.

Next, you need to see a trained psychologist. They give you a one-on-one consultation. You will need to answer all the questions correctly to help the psychologist help you. Psychologists are well-versed with the psychiatrists around them. They will link you up with one if need be.

Realtime Solutions for Depression and Anxiety

Why you should not Allow anybody to use Depression and Anxiety to describe you

The psychiatrist is a specialized medic in this field. Theirs is to prescribe medication to help balance your state of mind.

Some cases may only need a psychologist. Others require a combination of both the psychologist and the psychiatrist. It depends on the extent to which yours has reached.

A psychiatrist cannot work without a psychologist.


The medication helps return your state of mind to normal. A psychologist helps retain the normalcy.

Pray – Depression and Anxiety Control the Mind

Other ailments affect the flesh. Depression and anxiety attack the spirit. In the beginning, nobody will even notice you have a problem.

When you pray, God is likely to reveal to you the source of your problem. He will go ahead to show you how to deal with it.

Perhaps you need to change a habit that drains you emotionally. You might have to delink yourself from some friends.

Your Faith and Consistency in the Lord is the Permanent Cure for Depression and Anxiety.

If you do not uproot a tree from the roots, it will still grow.

What if God does not reveal anything?

Depending on your prayer life, character, and background, you may need a third party to hold your hand. If your parent or sibling is spiritually stable, you can use them. If they are not, it’s high time you find a committed Christian. When God notices you’re knocking at His door, he will lead you to the right person.

Be Active – Inactivity Paralyzes the Mind

An idle mind is the devil’s workshop. In normal circumstances, you’re likely to overthink when you’re not busy. We all have something that we want to put straight in our lives. God only gives what we need.

It is the ‘wants’ that lead to depression and anxiety. We try to force life to take the direction we want. When it does not happen, we get an attack.

Activity will exhaust you. By the time the day ends, you need to take a deserving rest. It denies your mind time to run around looking for impossibilities. Just make sure you’re doing something that doesn’t annoy God.

Come up with a schedule and follow it.

If you’re a student, help with work at home when you are free. Always have something on the side to keep you busy even if you are employed. In case you lose the job, burry your mind in the side hustle. You never know, God might just be opening that door wider.

If you have servants to help with chores, you’re lucky. Don’t oversleep. That comfort zone will create room for unnecessary thoughts. It will awaken the problem.

Some jogging, running, or rope skipping keeps the stress away too.  


To deal with these stubborn ailments conclusively, you simultaneously need a combination of a psychologist, a psychiatrist, God, and activity. 

A time comes when you may no longer need the psychologist and the psychiatrist. It depends on your response to the three guidelines.

Please take note of this: You will need God and Activity FOREVER. They are also absolutely free.

If you want to close the depression and anxiety chapters, keep this guideline. You will thank me later. Your savvy comment will help a sister or a brother somewhere. Take some time to drop one.   


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