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Every Christian dreads separation or divorce in the Catholic church. You get into Twitter or Facebook and wonder why someone decided to publicize such a post! It is because we do not think in the same way. Some of us love privacy while others do not mind sharing their thoughts or experiences with the public. I respect both cases and therefore give you a platform to privately contact me on this page.  

Freedom of expression

This page is, therefore, a one on one virtual platform that allows you to freely share your views in relation to the purpose of this website.

We highly value your contribution to our forum. It has both private and public options. 

If in any case, you do not want other participants to associate the query with you, you can get in touch above and I will post it on your behalf. You can then follow the comments.  

The legality of separation or divorce in the Catholic church

The Bible tells us it is ungodly to separate or divorce. Since couples do not want to lean on their own understanding, they take a self-oath even before committing themselves to the vows during the wedding, that they will do whatever it takes to avoid separation or divorce in the Catholic church. 

Most marriages begin on a high note with success lights flickering all around the couple. Sometimes when the deal looks too good, it generates a comfort zone. The couple to watch gradually disintegrates into a sample of a once-successful marriage.

You do not want your marriage to get to that point. If it happens to be there already, you want to fix it as soon as possible. Marriage is an investment that you do not want to lose! Separation or divorce are terms you do not want to associate your marriage with!

How do you do all these?

Understanding separation and divorce in the Catholic church like the back of your hand is a key that unlocks the tips for a successful marriage. Let’s get talking.

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