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Do you pray the rosary?

I can’t compare the life I lead today with the life I led before we seriously began to pray the rosary as a family daily. It has been gradual but the bottom line is, the peace, love, understanding, and unity that we now enjoy as a family is unfathomable. It took me time before I could comprehend the type of people we have become (my husband and me).
Disagreements come and go as if God just walked in and took them away. Our level of understanding of each other has shot up.
Then I remembered mother Mary staying in Elizabeth’s house for 3 months of her first trimester carrying baby Jesus in her womb and there was so much peace in Zechariah’s house.
I got the answer; it is the rosary.
When we pray the rosary, we seek mother Mary’s intercession and when she presents herself, she comes with Jesus.
Your children will not be left out either. We have an adult who goes to the university and sometimes returns late. When the three of us are running late, my 11-year-old son prays the rosary on behalf of all of us.
If you haven’t started to pray the rosary daily, please psyche yourself to do it and you’ll never regret it.

Nobody gets into a marriage expecting failure. Unfortunately in some cases, within a few years, the glamour experienced at the entry point turns into misery as the couple gets into the statistics of failed marriages.  

As I indicated in the other sections of this website, I found myself caged in the hullabaloos of my parents’ failed marriage. I understand the pain that comes with it. Irrespective of how much you try to rightfully fix the already spilled beans, some marks remain permanent.

Sometimes we go through situations so that we can save others before they fall into the same pit. Other times, God finds it more fulfilling to use a victim to save another victim! Healthy Soul Ties has all marriage related challenges on the background and brings them to the forefront in relevant servings according to specific needs.

The inclusion of this boardroom in this home away from home is to bring to the limelight do’s and don’ts for marriage aspirants. Separated couples and victims of circumstances aka children of the divorced couple also find the right path into successful Christian marriages here. You are not limited to public discussion though. In case of a private issue, switch to our connect page here and drop an email. I will get back to you in less than 48 hours.

Some of the topics we discuss in our boardroom include: –

Igniters of failed marriages

We can also call them unforeseen traps that lead to broken marriages or the root causes of failed marriages. Whether married or not, knowing the mistakes that are likely to disappoint you can save the situation before it is too late. Call it shooting before you get shot!

How to fix a failing marriage

Taking note that our main theme at Healthy Soul Ties is making sure that marriages succeed, we tackle issues from the Christian point of view.

Effects of failed marriages on children

Children become adults someday. That is when the effects of their parents’ mistakes take a toll on them.

Topics of discussion

Considering that everything about human life is centered around marriage, you are not limited to marriage topics. You are born from a man and a woman; brought up in that setup or by either parent; then you marry or get married! Knowing the secrets behind failed marriages helps in making informed decisions.