Clara Orleans is here to talk to parents for the sake of the coming generations. That directly touches on marriage. Living a healthy Catholic life is her key point. She specifically points out Catholic marriage since that’s what she knows best. Call her Catholic for life if you so wish.

Clara is a small person with a big heart. She loves mentoring youngsters aged between 13 and 25 years. Her passion earned her a leadership position in her local parish. Clara has since stepped down after finishing her term. Looking back, she feels most of the problems the youth encounter are as a result of their upbringing. Their parents are directly involved, although one can easily blame the youth for the things that they do.

Tomorrow is directly affected by what happens today. She wants parents to age gracefully without getting stressed up by their young adults. Hard work pays.  

Clara is a Catholic Wife and Mother. Writing about a healthy Catholic life is her greatest passion. Experience has taught her that the other side of the coin is too costly. 

Clara is a trained and consecrated member of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement; the epitome of a Catholic’s life. 

When she takes a break off writing, she runs around organizing her other businesses. The usual women stuff at home fills up the extra time.

Otherwise, Clara doesn’t like missing her evening smoothy and exercise. She also watches her food portions to keep off avoidable health conditions. Healthy body = healthy soul. 

She looks forward to helping you cut links with unhealthy soul ties for the sake of your children (future youth and adults). 

Find Clara through the following email addresses: –, or

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