A Committed Catholic goes beyond the stipulated routine.

All baptized Catholics hold the title as long as they have not left the church. Some do not go to church. Others attend Sunday Mass occasionally. Die-hards never miss Sunday Mass. The other group extends its commitment to attending Daily Mass.

Is it all about attending Mass?


Prayer life, character, adherence to the Sacraments, Tithe, and Charity are some of the expectations of a good Catholic. Well, you know all these and are probably getting bored of reading what you already understand.

Why would anyone go to the extent of attending Daily Mass?

Didn’t God only insist on honoring the Sabbath Day?

I’ll tell you something today. People who strive to attend Daily Mass know something extra that you may not know. Their inner eyes are wide open. They look at life decades from today.

How to become a Committed Catholic

To become a committed Catholic, you need to partake in the guidelines. As your spiritual eyes open, you will realize they are not made up by the church but are all in the Bible. 

Four Weapons that can Help you Become a Committed Catholic

Never ignore the Sacrament of Confession.

People say the truth is bitter, and it hurts, but they forget to tell you the truth is life. You can follow all the church rules and actively participate in voluntary activities. Repentance, according to the church’s guidelines, based on Bible teachings, is the sure way to freedom

Baptism, First Holy Communion, Confirmation, and Marriage are one-time Sacraments. Partaking in the Holy Communion, and Confession are lifetime Sacraments.

When you receive the Holy Eucharist in a state of sin, you are adding material to that mountain that you have built through the lack of confession. It’s an act that locks up your inner eyes. 

What is a state of sin?

Every human being makes mistakes daily. It’s either through thoughts, words, or actions. I do not think there is anyone who can declare themselves not guilty of sin in a whole month.

If you want to become a Committed Catholic, you need to have a confession schedule. You can confess after a period that suits you. The urgency of confession should push you! It’s possible to repent today, and sin tomorrow! In such a case, you’ll not wait for your stipulated time to lapse!

A Committed Catholic does not Postpone Confession

Sin opens a door for easy entry of the devil. Confession closes that door immediately. Is it not better to seal a leaking roof before the rain comes?

If you don’t, you slowly begin to crumble. The evil one takes advantage of a slight opening. He gets closer and waits for the next mistake with bated breath. 

You’ll not realize that you’re losing your zeal until he has smuggled in a number of opposing forces. 

Let the evil one never find a home in you.

Attend Retreats

Vincentian Retreat Centers have transformed many lives. You’ll never be the same again.

The Vincentians have exemplarity given their lives to God. They will teach you until the word sinks in.

If you want a true example to emulate the virtue of giving yourself as a living sacrifice, the Vincentians have it.

Mass takes a maximum of 90 minutes. At Vincentian Retreat Centers, services last the whole day.

Retreats take three or four days. There is ample time to get to know more. 

NB: Please note that these services do not replace the Sunday Mass. They are supplements to help Christians build their faith. Anyone with the tag “human being” is free to enter a retreat center. Whether Muslim or Atheist, it doesn’t matter. We are all children of God.

This youtube link will be of great help. You can also subscribe to receive daily updates and attend online services. 

Join the Catholic Charismatic Renewal movement

Secrets only Catholic Charismatics can see

Why becoming charismatic is a road to your destiny

Catholic Charismatic Renewal has been alive for more than 50 years.

In this group, you will learn how to consecrate yourself to the Lord. A Committed Catholic goes beyond the primary guidelines.

The gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit are alive in you. You’ll have an opportunity to awaken them and use them for the glory of God.

With constant practice, it will become easier to walk away from sin. God will open your spiritual eyes. Your memory will become upbeat. God will give you a new spiritual name even if you cannot know it or change it on paper.

Take home

Becoming a committed Catholic is a calling. You want to be an Abraham, a Moses, an Ezekiel, or a Daniel, and transfer the same commitment to your children. Remember your children’s faith is an exact copy of yours. Are you up for the challenge? A lot is in store for you may not be able to see now.


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