Reasons Why You Should not Defy the Jealous God

It is not any other god but the same God we serve that referred to Himself as a jealous God. Looking at the Bible references where He uttered these words, the message rotated around idol worship. He simply made it clear that He has no equal; He is supreme.

Some of the weighty scriptures that we cannot afford to ignore are:-

Exodus 20:5; You shall not bow down before them or worship them. For I the Lord your God am a jealous God, inflicting punishment for their fathers’ wickedness on the children of those who hate me, down to the third and fourth generation.

Deuteronomy 6:14-15; You shall not follow other gods such as those of the surrounding nations, lest the wrath of the Lord, your God, flare up against you and He destroys you from the face of the land; for the LORD your God who is in your midst is a jealous God.

In those days, idolatry was composed majorly of worshiping things they could physically see. They owed allegiance to them as their gods. Worshipping false gods is a wide topic that cannot be covered in an article. For that reason, I will concentrate on the relationship between God’s jealousy and the gifts of the Holy Spirit, in this article.

Firstly, let me break down jealousy into smaller segments to help bring out the affiliation between the jealous God and the gifts of the Holy Spirit clearly.

God’s Jealousy in Comparison to Human Jealousy

In worldly terms, jealousy suggests having feelings of hatred towards someone whose achievements you envy. God, on the other hand, referred to the fury we inflict in Him when we worship other gods. It’s like not recognizing that He is the ruler of the entire universe and His opinion matters the most.

Secondly, we can also compare God’s jealousy to a similar scenario in the case of human beings. A manager in a corporate organization feels the juniors are answerable to him and ought to put him in the know of everything work matters. Parents have the same feelings towards their children. If the juniors do things contrary to expectations, feelings of disrespect will obviously present in the seniors.

The Passion of Christ for our sake warrants His jealousy

The Passion of Christ for our sake warrants His jealousy

Thirdly, when you strike a deal with your landlord and you go against the lease agreement, he is likely to take you to court. The reason being, you understood the content of the lease before you appended your signature. The mentioning of the court suggests that the landlord is obviously annoyed. If he took you in as a tenant without any proper agreement, he will have no choice but to let you go. It is at this point that we can understand how furious God can get. Maybe we can look at it from a home point of view.  

Jesus’ Home

We all have homes or houses where we live. There are visitors who don’t gain entry even at the gate. You finalize your talks outside the gate and the major reason being you do not know them at all.

Then there are those who gain entry into the compound. You have a glimpse of who exactly they are but you cannot trust them into your house!

Next, are those who enter the sitting room and the only other room they are free to use is the washroom. You are not yet so attached to one another as there is a stopper.

Lastly, you mingle with others as though you are young children growing up together. I take the example of children because they are blameless and innocent. These visitors enter into rooms in your house as though it is their home and you do not mind.

Looking at it from the human point of view, you realize that a slight disagreement with the very close visitor who knows you in and out pains the most. Jesus feels the same when we have climbed the ladder of attaining the gifts of the Holy Spirit and then entertain the fluff that brings our achievement down. He cannot help it but express His jealous God attribute.

The Jealous God and The Gifts of The Holy Spirit

There are seven gifts of the Holy Spirit. They are; wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, and fear of the Lord.

For anyone to get to a point where these gifts are part and parcel of his life, I can say without a doubt that he is spiritually mature. 

A point to note is that the devil is running after spiritually mature people. He has nothing to do with his easy catches because getting them is a walkover.

Many are the times we attain this level of spiritual maturity then begin to dwindle into thin air after some time. Unfortunately, most people never notice the downward trend until it is late. That is where God begins to express his anger.

When The Jealous God Gets Angry

If I would put words in His mouth, I imagine He would say, “Have you not known me in and out? Why have you chosen to desert me?” It feels extremely painful. God does not feel as much hurt when someone who is not yet so close to Him misbehaves; for instance, the one He addresses outside the house, within the compound.

Understand why God gets jealous

Why God deserves to be jealous when you are the one who benefits

Even in our cases as human beings, if your son and your brother lose their jobs at the same time, you’ll give your son first priority in job hunting for them. Your sons’ case touches you more than your brothers’ case because of the closeness. He is actually in your kitchen cabinet. God feels the pain too when a member of His kitchen cabinet slips off the kitchen.

If you look at the opposite of these seven gifts of the Holy Spirit, I bet you wouldn’t want to have a second glance.

Five Ways to Retain The Gifts of The Holy Spirit

Our jealous God does not work by himself. He works with each of us independently because He has also apportioned ability in different quantities. You have to be part of this retention; you must do something every day of your life and as much as you eat.

Tithe Your Prayer Time

Prayer and action go hand in hand. They are like a husband and wife in love. One cannot do without the other. A day has 1440 minutes. If you dedicate 144 minutes to meet God each day in prayer you will never lose Him.

Religiously Adhere to Your Prayer Life

Distractions are part of life. Heeding to those interruptions for no proper reason is one of the devils’ secret ways of making sure you lose the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Scrutinize what interferes with your prayer life and make a wise decision before it is too late.

Pluck Off the Eye that Causes you to Sin

You cannot be so naïve to continue keeping the same friend who has interfered with your prayer life several times for no apparent reason. If you were taking him to hospital, well and good. But if you were just going shopping, it’s not worth it. You can’t afford to lose God for him.

Avoid Controversy

Arguments always end up messy. Whether you are right or wrong, act like a fool. It is better someone considers you weak as God rejoices, than look powerful as God cries foul.

Allow The Jealous God to Ring in Your Mind

When you imagine how jealous God is and the cost of ignoring that jealousy, you will always be on toes, putting God first in your life. Discipline becomes your lifestyle.

The Lord has the final say

Not everyone enjoys housing the gifts of the Holy Spirit. So God has a reason as to why He chose you among many. If there is anything you should avoid like the plague, it is to provoke God.

Ignorance has no defense in court. Do you notice it also has no defense in the spiritual realm? The jealous God gets to a point where He cannot tolerate answers like “I did not know it could turn out that way.” Once you are above average in the spiritual realm, never entertain anything that will drop you down to average because it will eventually take you to below average.  

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I have developed an interest in reading your content. Your explanation makes me feel like you are literally flipping the Bible. You are my online companion I see. Your naked truth sends the points straight home. The Bible proofs authenticate it even more. Thank you for helping humanity.

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