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Prosperity as a Dream versus the Reality

Prosperity is the talk of everyone irrespective of age. Some are too young to comprehend what they are talking about but in the end, the message is quite clear. My ten-year-old son tells me he will drive a Subaru when he grows up.

But does he know that he’s got to work extremely hard to afford such a car? Probably not; he goes to school, performs well and that’s just it for now. That is exactly what I was until I got to an age where prosperity began to trouble me.


My salary could not allow me to live the life I wanted; and like every other person, it’s never enough! And that is just how God created us! Quick money gimmicks crossed my mind. I heard a lot of stories from friends, especially as a young adult. The youth are going through the same today; it’s like a stage of life that nobody can escape.


More often than not, friends approached me with stories like there is gold mining to the west; you can act as a middleman linking the miner and the final buyer as you make your cut. It sounded so appealing and fixed me into some sleepless nights imagining how I would get in touch with the miner and the buyer. Well, I was just building castles in the air.

Multi-level marketing

Then came the multilevel marketing of products; I joined in a rush but got disappointed along the way and stopped. I was dealing with health products, convincing desperate people that they would get complete healing from terminal illnesses like arthritis and asthma.

I felt a cheat when after about five months; most of my clients complained there was no difference yet the supplements were too expensive. I stopped and started looking around for the next catch. Maybe I joined the wrong company!

 I lost quite some amount in this, but I kept nodding my head as I pondered the next move. For me it had to happen, I just had to get rich; that was my motto.

Online jobs promising prosperity

Finally, the internet landed in my country. It was a hot cake; I tried a lot of things online, but I got conned big time. All these happened in a span of about ten years, and my desire for prosperity did not get fulfilled! The best choice I had was to slap that hype on the face and begin all over again.

I sat back and realized I had to rediscover myself; I had to slow down, rethink and develop a strategy. As you know, prosperity for a layman is the economic ability. 

Something was lacking in my life all these years. I had abandoned God, thought it was a waste of valuable time to pray; little did I know I was missing it. I continued working but put aside any other prosperity thoughts and began to look for God.

You must be asking yourself where? In church; in the Bible; through personal prayer and prayer groups, just to mention a few.  

I can attest that it is not easy being in a comeback situation to God. You are at the center; God on your right and the devil on your left; both pulling you so whoever wins carries the day. 

Slow but sure wins the race

I learned quite a lot; became much more patient and began to steadily began to prosper. I got to realize we cannot detach our general life and God. He has to play His part, and that can only occur if He is invited to do so. Since then, I have steadily risen the ranks.

Jesus tells us “man shall not live by bread alone,” so without the existence of God in your life, some areas of your life could be lifeless. This article clearly brings out prosperity from a Christian point of view

 I am not a millionaire, but God floated many good ideas; I adapted some, and the progress is evident day in day out. The wasted ten years were full of stagnation and trying to imitate what my peers were succeeding in, without much success. God has something for everyone. Whatever works for me may not work for you.

The truth about prosperity

I am reminded that true prosperity is a gift from God irrespective of one’s level of education. Jesus tells us we can only get what we want from God if we ask for it through Him. Since everything belongs to God, we have to involve Him in our daily lives not only to prosper but also to free ourselves from the snares of this world.

Otherwise, struggles may pitch a tent in our lives. His words “I am the truth and the light; anyone who believes in me shall get saved.” 

What is your understanding of prosperity?  To what extent have you gone to succeed in life?

4 thoughts on “Prosperity as a Dream versus the Reality

  1. Hi! I’ve been reading your site for a while now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Lubbock Texas! Just wanted to mention keep up the excellent job!|

    1. Knowledge is power, and power is success. I will definitely roll out new stuff from time to time. Thank you for always checking on me here.

  2. I think you summed up this very well when you said that everything belongs to God. He needs to be Lord over every part of our lives, including our finances. This is a great reminder, particularly at this time of year where many people experience financial strain. Thank you for sharing xx

    1. Welcome, Chrissie. When we choose to depend on ourselves, we become the mountains that are sitting on our way; enemies to ourselves. Thanks for visiting and taking your time around.

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