Single Motherhood should not be an Acrimony

Single motherhood begins in varied ways depending on the attached circumstances. It’s either pregnancy by naivety, by choice, rape or marriage gone sour. However, my focus here is not to remind single mothers of the pain behind their motherhood but to cheer up that mother who may occasionally feel drained because of her status.

Let Your Pain not Dictate Your Future

Becoming a single mother is not the end of life, but it is the beginning of another phase of life. It’s normal to occasionally find ourselves in situations where we have to open new chapters in our lives, not necessarily in relationships. What matters most is how we merge the past with the present to come up with a fulfilling future.

If you were to take a survey among those couples whose marriages are admirable, you would realize that they have also gone through some pain in their lives only that it differs from yours.

Single Mothers Fears and How to Overcome

A sense of feeling that every man is a liar creeps into most single mothers’ minds and may stay on for ages. It’s propagated by fear as the saying “once beaten twice shy.” Fear can alter your life making you lose out on the plans God had put in place for you. Other ladies even begin to feel they have made the worst mistake in life. But if I may ask, who has not made a mistake? I’m, sure nobody would own up to being stainless.

To begin a new fulfilling life, it’s important to know God’s opinion of single mothers. God is only asking one question; are you leading a righteous life as a single mother? If your answer is yes, then rest assured God always stands in the gap that your traitor left. His promises endure forever.

Isaiah 54: 5-8

Your creator will be like a husband to you, the Lord Almighty is His name. The Holy God of Israel will save you; He is the ruler of all the world. Israel, you are like a young wife, deserted by her husband and deeply distressed. But the Lord calls you back to Him and says: “For one brief moment I left you; with deep love, I will take you back. I turned away angry for only a moment, but I will show you, my love, forever.” So says the Lord who saves you.

Sainthood is Open for All

Know why single mothers are not terrible sinners. They are saints in the waiting

Never reject a single mother based on her status

And like one day one time someone will tell your beautiful story of a single mother who met a loving husband and led a happy life with him, why not hear the revitalizing story of Saint Margaret of Cortona! The fact that she faced rejection everywhere did not hinder her from making it to sainthood!

Margaret’s mother died when she was seven years old. Her stepmother did not quite welcome her. When she was a little aged, she eloped with a man who later died. Her father rejected her together with her son when she returned home. As young as she was, she had to make a wise decision

Margaret’s story and journey to sainthood is an affirmation that single mothers have a place in God’s heart. Allowing anyone or anything to snatch away this privilege denies you a chance to harvest from God’s abundant love.

Overcoming The Single Mother Spiritual Fluctuation

Unfortunately, single motherhood may be a constant reminder that somebody somewhere should be taking part in the child’s upbringing. Bad memories are awakened by those times when you are unable to comfortably provide for the child and steal your focus on the Lord. Nevertheless, our heavenly Father who promises to stand in the gap is usually ready to hold your hand up again.

But how!

God has several avenues of doing His work, and He can choose any. He could send you to the Bible or to an ordinary person that you least expect. Solace in the Lord does not have to necessarily come directly from the Bible or the Holy Spirit! God uses His chosen people to speak to others.

It doesn’t have to be a prophet!

You don’t have to tell him your story!

The Lord’s Invisible Messenger to Single Mothers

Out of a different conversation, a single phrase would spike your emotions and lift your spirits once again. To be precise, you occasionally need people around you to fill the vacuum. Know where to find the right people and join productive prayer groups that have regular prayer sessions.

Irrespective of how human judges would want to condemn single mothers, God will never do so. A good relationship with God is the foundation of His promise to stand in the gap.

Would you mind sharing your experience as single mothers, where you found comfort and how you overcame judgmental sentiments if any?


Megg Tail · May 22, 2020 at 9:28 pm

This post applies to me as well since a widow is simply back to single motherhood. Life can be harsh out there especially when you aren’t so familiar with the single-life environment. I have learned to cope though, through the hard way. I am so encouraged at your observation of the perception of single mothers. We need people like you to hold our hands. God bless you.

Brenda · November 15, 2019 at 1:05 pm

I am glad that there is someone out there who cares about single moms. In most cases they face rejection of some sorts and people think they are big headed that’s why the men ran away from them. What a voice of reason! Thank you for such encouragement.

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