Advantages of honoring Mary the Mother of Jesus

Mary the mother of Jesus, is often referred to as the Ark of the New Covenant.


The Covenant Box housed the Word of God, as the Israelites crossed over to the Promised Land. Mary too clothed the Word (Jesus) in her womb. The stone tablets represented God.

At no point was the covenant box separated from the stone tablets throughout the journey.

Mary the Mother of Jesus; an added advantage to every Catholic.

Love the son; Love the mother. Know why Mary is the bridge you cannot ignore to get to Jesus

Catholics don’t separate Jesus from Mary. They find Mary the mother of Jesus an important emblem in the journey of faith.

Does it warrant Catholics to devote themselves to Mary?

In normal circumstances, death separates us. That fact does not apply in the case of God, Jesus, and Mary. They are alive. God is immortal, whereas Mary the mother of Jesus is a living saint.

Catholics do not worship Mary. They venerate her. Mary clings to Jesus for as long as God hasn’t separated Himself from her. We don’t expect Him to, anyway!

God never delinks Himself from us too, irrespective of the numerous times we sin!

Respecting Mary the mother of Jesus is more like giving the first lady the prestige she deserves. She is not the president, but the honor we bestow upon the president is the reason why we do not treat his wife with contempt!

What is the importance of Mary the mother of Jesus?

Mary is a backup. She is the bridge Catholics pass through to get to Jesus. It can be difficult to reach the president, even with an urgent issue. We have to book appointments, fill forms, and answer several questions to get to him. More so, if we are in his bad books.

If we know his wife in person and relate well with her, she can request a faster appointment on our behalf! The same concept applies in the case of Mary.

Now you understand why Catholics cannot leave Mary behind. Jesus is not far from us, but sin keeps Him away. Mary pleads with her Son on our behalf.

The Lord forgives our sins as soon as we genuinely repent. Mary plays a big role in asking God to exonerate us from the consequences of our sins.

She’s like an exam leakage. We can choose to use her or not, but the buck still stops at us.

Are you still confused?

Mary, the Mother of Jesus, is a bridge that leads to the Promised Land through her intercession.

Imagine yourself crossing a river. Either you are strong enough and good at swimming to get to the other side. Or, your only option is to use the bridge.

If the river is too wide, we all would need the bridge. The width of the river here refers to the loads we carry (sin). Some are too heavy, dating back to the ancestral tree.  

At any point in time, we have weak and strong Christians. We are never even sure where exactly we fall. Only God can judge us.

Mary the mother of Jesus is, therefore, a pillar of the Lord’s mercy. To get to the bits of the Promised Land you look forward to, you need her as soon as now. 


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