How the Internet Can Damage Relationships

Are we friends in love or friends with benefits? WhatsApp Group Etiquette is a calling to stand by one another irrespective of the challenges we may experience. Unfortunately, the forum sometimes tears rather than mend.

Have you disagreed with friends or family because of something you did in a WhatsApp group? Were you wrong, or was it the other person? Where did your relationship end up? How did you solve the misunderstanding?

Just like unwritten rules apply in family life, so is WhatsApp group etiquette. Having the golden rules at your fingertips prevents unnecessary misunderstandings.

The general church requirements replicate in the online groups. We only tend to ignore WhatsApp group etiquette because of the distance between us; out of sight; out of mind! Sadly, we may have to contend with the implication later in life. 

WhatsApp Group Types

WhatsApp grouping is one social forum that comes in handy for cheaper, faster, and easier communication. Many are the times the groups bring people together for either permanent or temporary needs.

Running family, job or estate affairs is only a scroll away. An invisible panel converges to deliberate and make resolutions without much pressure, thus saving on resources.

There exist two types of WhatsApp groups; permanent and temporary. I have come across several articles that concentrate on permanent WhatsApp group ethics.

My views here concentrate on temporary groups that are usually disbanded as soon as the need is met. Most of these groups are meant to aid in settling overstretched bills. Weddings, sickness, and death are some of the needs that call for temporary WhatsApp grouping.  

There exist two types of WhatsApp groups; permanent and temporary. I have come across several articles that concentrate on permanent WhatsApp group ethics.

Permanent groups somehow demand our recurrent presence for as long as we are associated with the main purpose of the group.

For instance, we remain part of a family group because we are part of that family forever. We also cannot exit a colleague’s group for as long as we work in that organization; otherwise, we would miss out on relevant updates.  

My views here concentrate on temporary groups that are usually disbanded as soon as the need is met. Most of these groups are meant to aid in settling overstretched bills. Weddings, sickness, and death are some of the needs that call for temporary WhatsApp grouping.  

The Little-Understood Shocks of Social Media

It’s been about five years since I bumped into a comprehensive article where the writer expressed the insensitive nature of Facebook posts especially those that pertain to injury or death. She was mostly concerned about people learning about their loved ones’ injury or death through social media.

I can’t figure out how exactly she titled it, otherwise, I would attach it here. The message, however, wriggles in my mind any time I sense insensitivity on social media. Her post taught me a lesson I may never forget. Can you imagine logging onto Facebook and realizing someone very close to you has been involved in that horrible road accident you’re just learning about on social media?

While in that state of disbelief, as you keep scrolling, you notice people have shared it several times, yet nobody has told you about it? You then begin to call your buddies to confirm what the media tells you! It is horrific, traumatizing and confusing, to say the least.

Meanwhile, as we hit the share button in seconds, we usually presume we are trying to reach the concerned parties as fast as possible. But what exactly are we doing to the casualty’s loved ones? In reality, the message should be conveyed the other way round; loved ones first, and then the rest can get it from them.   

The Other Side of Real Life

Every social grouping comes with its challenges. The do’s and don’ts are somehow of personal prescription based on several factors. WhatsApp groups have had challenges too. Just like I learned something that accompanies my senses daily from an article of concern, I equally spread the gospel after numerous observations.

If you know what my website is all about, you must be wondering why I write this. Yeah! It’s still about spreading the word of God. Too much work without play makes Jack a dull boy. Consistent prayer without taking time off to critically look into issues affecting our daily lives denies us a chance to apply the prayer points.

Life is like a chameleon. One morning you wake up and everything seems to run so smoothly. Another time, every approach to make ends meet seems to slap you on the face and tosses you back to the point you want to run away from! Irrespective of status, everyone must have good and bad moments.

WhatsApp Group Etiquette

How online friendship can mess up a real friendship

Something’s happening in your friend’s life and they need your help. They request to add you to a WhatsApp group towards that course and the only answer you can give is “yes, please do.” You want to help, but your source seems to be dry at that moment. The situation is demanding your support.

It’s an emergency and the timespan may lapse before you chip in. Deep inside, you feel obliged, you are stuck, but cannot give an excuse. We all find ourselves in that dark corner. Unfortunately, we forget that we were once there when it’s another person’s turn to shift base to the dark corner.

Somehow, we are all occasionally go through a situation others may know nothing about! That’s what life is anyway! It’s normal to grab your phone realize you’re in a group you weren’t in the day before. The activity begins to trickle on the wall.

WhatsApp Malpractices that can Cause Havoc

People begin to keep the treasurer busy by sending them money. They come up with a list and post it to the WhatsApp group.

This is where the etiquette finds its way into my mind as I see a lot of disregard for slow contributors; of course not in all groups. Sometimes we act like some people are just refusing to pay! How I wish we could consider that the heart could be willing, but the pocket may not provide at the time! We have all been there!

While it is important to ask for permission to add someone to a WhatsApp group, it does not warrant exiting immediately, even if it was without our consent. 

Imagine a group of two hundred and fifty people! Would it be possible to talk to each person before the add, considering that we mostly create temporary groups for emergency bills!

Well, we expect addition via a WhatsApp link, but there has to be a starting point. In most cases, you want to bring people together then write the first post explaining the purpose of the group and oops! Someone has left while you’re still doing the addition.

A simple finger action can loosen ties. It might take forever to win people’s trust again. WhatsApp Group Etiquette requires patience and focus on the future. It reveals your true morals as a practicing Catholic.

Effects of Prematurely Exiting WhatsApp Groups

When you hastily exit a WhatsApp group, it portrays you as selfish, and anti-social. Naturally, your action never leaves the minds of those who needed your help at the time. They read the other side of you they never knew, and tend to deal with you on that basis henceforth. That is not what God expects of us, but you will agree with me that it happens.

Then there is the other lot that exits immediately after making their payment. For them, it’s all about money. Following proceedings, and hanging around for moral support doesn’t make much sense to them. It’s not a better option either as the real human nature calls for the same when tables turn.

WhatsApp Group Etiquette Summary

It’s important to courteously post reminders. At times, the unexpected crop up forcing members to unwillingly dishonor their pledges.

We all have quite a lot running in our minds such that the WhatsApp groups tend to be distractors at times, but at least we need to humbly excuse ourselves before exiting. There is a next time. We do not know who will have to face it. Unity, especially during hard times, builds life-long relationships.

WhatsApp group etiquette is a virtue we need to carry along with the phone.


Greg Maticha · May 24, 2020 at 6:18 pm

You are so right. Sometimes we can be so selfish not to care what the other person feels. We assume that since online communication is not virtual, it doesn’t hurt. I feel guilty, but from today onwards, I will be careful. Keep doing it right!

Ej · January 17, 2020 at 8:59 pm

I’ve never used WhatsApp before so this was a very interesting post. Granted this could be applied to all forms of group social media. We definitely shouldn’t be judging others based on if they helped put financially or not. As you stated they just might now have it, but may be able to give emotional support instead.

Please comment here.

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