Jesus was a High Priest; He still is. He left His inherent duty to the Pope as He partook the next responsibility of dying to save the entire world. Peter, the first Pope, was that person. The rest have been taking over for reasons we all understand.

Time lapses.

Age catches up with us.

Death is inevitable.

Life must continue.

Pope Francis once visited my country. People had mixed reactions. They did not understand why some of us, especially Catholics, gave him such honor. After his visit, I heard this comment quite often.  “Is he not a human being like us?”

Pope Francis

Jesus was the human representation of God when He lived on earth. He handed over to Peter (First Pope). The Pope represents the Lord on earth. The Lord ensured no broken links between Him and humanity. God honors the Pope, as much as He did with Moses and Abraham at their time.

Peter’s Power

After the death of Jesus, there is nobody in the entire Bible God gave authority as He did with Peter.

Matthew 16:18 – And so I tell you Peter; you are a rock, and on this rock foundation I will build my church, and not even death will ever be able to overcome it.

Jesus was amazed when Peter confidently reiterated that Jesus was the Messiah; the son of the Living God. From these sentiments, we refer to the Catholic Church as the Apostolic Catholic Church. The death of a Pope goes with the person, but the position is taken over by the next appointee.

When Jesus says Yes to someone or something, we have to do the same. If He does not agree with anything, we also need to avoid it.

What does the Pope do?

He leads the church. The reason behind we Catholics implementing activities as guided by the priests. God speaks to His chosen servants. They are obligated to act accordingly. We do not need to question the authenticity of the message. If it adds value to our lives, we click the go button. Our hands are not tied though. We are free to research to understand the action better.

I would be glad if you can add more to the importance of the Pope in the comments.

Judith Okech

Judith is a simple fun loving rib cracker who gets thrilled at the mention of Jesus. Her sole purpose here is to infect you with matters of faith and hope besides running her business and making sure her husband and children enjoy her presence in their lives.  Check out this link for more information about her.


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